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Adrien Bernet Cuarteto

- Current Jazz (Chile)
Repertoire 100% french jazz

Sergio Joaquín Olivares / Cristian Gallardo - Flute and Alto Saxophone

Joaquín Fuentes Romero - Piano / Mauricio Rodriguez - Guitar 
Marcelo Cordova / Guillermo Muñoz - Double bass
Adrien Bernet - Drums / Compositions

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The composers targeted in this repertory are Michel Legrand, Michel Petrucciani and Charles Trenet. Their music has been of crucial importance to French musical and film culture. They were not traditional jazz from the 1940s or the 1950s. It was indeed music categorised as jazz, but in keeping with the times and social and cultural influences.

All these musical compositions followed the social and cultural evolution of the country, were inspired by real facts and coloured the daily life of the population. The main themes that recur almost systematically are love and passion. Passion for love, passion for meeting, love of family, love of freedom, ideal love, passion for life....

It is from all these elements that the title of the project, and therefore of the repertory, was called « Une histoire Française, de jazz et de passion ».

Adrien's own compositions, also very melodious, will be added to reinforce his personal artistic touch within the group and the repertory.
Finally, it should be noted that the group of musicians is composed of three Chileans and one Frenchman. This inter-cultural mix is also a strength of the project since the reappropriation of this French repertory will not only be harmonic or melodic, it will also be cultural.

The result will be a concert focused on French jazz music, performed in a multi-cultural way, with the energy of four jazzmen on stage, taking the audience into a passionate and captivating universe.

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