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Jazz(s)RA "emergence" device

Year 2022



Kling (extend-tet)

- Current Jazz 

Fanny Martin - Flute 

Ysaura Merino - Trumpet

Zacharie Canut - Tenor Saxophone 

Rose Dehors - Trombone 

Vincent Pellerin - Electric guitar and compositions 

Fanny Bouteiller - Double bass

Adrien Bernet - Drums 

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These 7 young musicians from the Lyon region perform on stage the compositions written exclusively for the band by its artistic director Vincent Pellerin.

Nourished by contemporary European and American jazz, the orchestra synthesizes the writing processes in sections inspired by Maria Schneider, John Hollenbeck, Kenny Wheeler, with the electric sounds of the guitar such as Reiner Baas, Ping Machine or the Metropole Orchestra

Through improvisation and interplay, the performers evolve and freely experience the limits of the imposed aesthetic framework. They modify the contours and, as a result, transform an individual process into a collective synergy. 

The repertoire, conceived by programme, is composed "at once", in order to offer a strong, coherent show, a real listening experience in which to invest oneself freely. 

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