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- French Song

Nevouchka (Margarita Baranova) - Vocals and compositions

Carine Bianco - Piano and keyboards

Steven Criado - Electric Guitar and machinery

Renaud Colonimos - Electric bass, double bass and arrangements 

Adrien Bernet - Drums 

Nevoushka is a singer author-songwriter, who shares her journey in song. If we had to define Nevoushka in three words, we would say quirky, aesthetic and timeless. Her lyrics are full of emotions, they speak of life, they make you laugh or cry, and they lead you into a poetic and self-deprecating universe.

This news electric band offers original, electric and limitless music. Nevouchka has carefully sought to create her "jewel", in order to bring her music to light. She then surrounded herself with 4 "pearls", her 4 experienced musicians who now defend the value of her works.

Beyond a traditional song project, the harmonic progressions draw from the codes of jazz and classical music, thus weaving symbiotic links between popular and "learned" music. These different creations are supported by various rhythms, such as rock, tango, etc..., in order to illustrate the poetic universe of the story told. This intercultural marriage of styles and experiments creates a mix that is now part of contemporary French music. 

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