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Based in Japan, Canopus Drums is one of the world's leading custom drum manufacturers. Founded in 1977 by Shinichi Usuda, Canopus has succeeded in finding the ideal jazz drum sound by drawing on the specifications of the best brands of the 1960s. This amazing Japanese brand makes it a point of honour to aim for the very top of range in all its 100% handcrafted production.

Currently on an artist contract since January 2022.

Find my artist page on the Canopus Drums website by clicking here.

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Cympad is dedicated to helping drummers optimize their sound. The current Cympad line-up features a wide range of innovative drum and cymbal accessories that are drummer-designed and made from premium-grade cellular foam.
Optimizers – Consistent, uniform foam cymbal washers that replace conventional felt washers and improve the tone of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands. / Moderators – A graduated series of over-sized cymbal washers that can be used to incrementally control a cymbal’s volume and resonance in live and studio situations. / Chromatics, Shark and Undertones are three other types of accessory designed to improve the overall sound quality of drums (studio and live).

Currently on an artist contract since August 2023.

You can find my name in the Artist Roster on the Cympad website by clicking here.

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100% handmade cymbals in Turkey by one of the greatest luthiers in the field today. Murat Diril cymbals are a true sonic and visual experience. All created from a B27 alloy, these cymbals offer a complete sound palette with no less than 13 different series. 

Murat Diril "the Father of Cymbals".

Currently on an artist contract since October 2022.

Find my artist page on the Murat Diril Cymbals website by clicking here (under creation)

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HEATS is the first brand of drumheads and accessories developed by French drummers. Our company was built around a team of passionate people with many years of experience in the music industry. Our passion for music, our desire to innovate and to offer new alternatives, have allowed us to build the basis of our DNA.

HEATS wants to offer new sound perspectives, innovative products to satisfy all our users.

Currently on an artist contract since June 2022.

Find my artist page on the HEATS Drumheads website by clicking here.

Reunion Blues is a legendary company of bags for musical instruments, founded in the USA in 1976. The brand quickly made a name for itself with its very first leather models. Reunion Blues is constantly evolving in terms of innovations to offer impeccable security for musical instruments. Whether on tour, in the studio or rehearsing, the brand supports artists by adapting to their every need.

Currently on an artist contract since April 2024.

Find my artist page on the Reunion Blues website by clicking here.

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A huge thank you to My Music Distribution, a French musical instrument distribution company, for its trust and support. 

Find my artist page on the My Music Distribution website by clicking here.

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