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Born in 1998, Adrien Bernet is a young French jazz drummer. He began the drums at the age of 4 in the HSMA school network, where he obtained  the "Excellence" diploma during the rest of his career. Quickly, he studied piano and classical music to enrich his artistic education. 

At the age of 15, he entered the Dijon Conservatory in jazz drums, and devoted himself entirely to this style. It's a revelation for him. He is lucky to be able to spend many hours every day at the Conservatory, since his Technical Baccalaureate in Music and Dance (TMD) allows him to. 

He finished his artistic studies by obtaining his DEM Jazz (Diploma of Musical Studies) at the National School of Music of Villeurbanne.

In 2021, during  the health crisis, Adrien is undergoing training in cultural project management to enrich his knowledge in the music industry.

Active on the French stage, Adrien performs with his regular projects as well as a sideman. It also has the chance to happen occasionally  on the Chilean stage. Throughout his career, he also received different honors  during national and international competitions.

Finally, Adrien has the opportunity to record discs every year. Other Albums and EPs are being produced with his permanent projects...

Adrien  is  very  lucky  to  be  on  an  artist  contract with international brands Canopus Drums (Japan), Cympad (Switzerland), Murat Diril Cymbals (Turkish), Heats Drumheads (France) and Reunion Blues (USA)

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2nd Prize

Grises - 2023

National Contest Un Doua De Jazz

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Kling (extend-tet) - 2022

Jazz(s)RA "Emergence" device

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Special Mention 

Noé Sécula Trio - 2021

National Jazz à Vienne Competition 

Jazz à vienne.png
Jury's Favourite 

Noé Sécula Trio - 2019

Franco-Swiss JazzContreBand Competition


Noé Sécula Trio - 2019 

Le Periscope "TanDEM" device

2nd Prize 

Nowhere Times 5tet - 2018

National Contest Un Doua De Jazz

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1st Prize Trophy 

Solo - 2017

Hohner Sonor Music Academy Competition 

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1st Prize Trophy 

Solo - 2016

Hohner Sonor Music Academy National Final

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