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Inner Landscape

- Post Metal

Julien Gachet - Electric guitar, vocal, effects and compositions 

Alexandre Covalciuc - Electric guitar and effects

Thibaud Bétencourt - Electric bass

Adrien Bernet - Drums and effects

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Mixing screamed vocals, lacey arpeggios, leaden riffs, atmospheric layers, crushing bass and jazz-like drums : if Inner Landscape belongs to the post metal branch, the band tries above all to create music that resembles itself, without trying to answer the genre's canons.

Their debut album '3H33' will be released on 17 May by Klonosphere / Season Of Mist. Inspired by the American atmospheric sludge scene and influenced by bands such as Isis, Sumac and Intronaut, the Lyon-based band adapt the genre's characteristics to their own sensibilities.

Thanks to mixes by Hervé Faivre (Improve Tone Studios) and mastering by Pierrick Noel, the quartet have been able to express their universe as faithfully as possible, striving for an organic, natural sound that's close to the rough edges of live performance. Inner Landscape explores the theme of the family circle, from its first cracks to its dissolution.

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