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Adrien Bernet Group

Current Jazz

Fanny Martin - Flute

Marc Cabrera - Piano
Felipe Silva Mena - Double bass
Adrien Bernet - Drums / Compositions

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Adrien Bernet, a young French jazz drummer, has built up a solid professional background as a very active sideman on the French jazz scene. His role as a performer in many projects has led him to develop a personality that is very sensitive to melody and harmonization, as well as a very colourful and musical drumming style.

With all his experiences, Adrien decided to write his own music, and therefore to have the place of leader by creating his Group.
The instruments are totally thought out. The first condition is to have an ensemble made up only of acoustic instruments, to keep the authenticity of sound as precise and natural as possible. The flute is the second condition. The flute is the second requirement, as its high pitch enables it to bring out the very melodic, lyrical themes and to accentuate their emotional character.

Adrien Bernet Group is a new project, with music that is 100% original and composed by its drummer, placing itself in the era of current jazz. The music is made up of very harmonious themes, allowing the largest possible audience to appreciate both the music and the energy generated on stage by the band's performance.

The main theme of the programme is Passion in the broadest sense. The powerful melodies are intended to trigger emotions in the audience and to exercise the imagination. The listener creates his or her own story and can sing along to the themes at the end of the concert....

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