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Noé Sécula Trio

Noé Sécula - Piano and compositions
Felipe Silva Mena - Double bass
Adrien Bernet - Drums

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- Current Jazz

The birth of the trio was made in 2015 with the encounter by Noé Sécula and Adrien Bernet at Dijon Conservatory. When the two young musicians arrived in Lyon in 2017, bassist Felipe Silva Mena joined the trio. The three musicians have the same vision of music.

 The directory is mainly composed of original compositions.

The trio style fits into the current jazz trend. The compositions are traces of the heritage of a classical culture, trying as much as possible to approach a romantic identity, chamber music (perhaps even Brahmsian?).

The purpose of the members of the group is to compose and to interpret in mixing classic and jazz colors, thus attempting to break the "traditional" codes.

In 2020, the Noé Sécula Trio released their first album trio + string Quartuor under the label CJazzLab. It's called Eternity In Human Flesh.

(For more information and to listen to the album, see discography).


Special Mention 

National Jazz à Vienne Competition 

Year 2021

Jury's Favourite 

Franco-Swiss JazzContreBand Competition

Year 2019


The Periscope "TanDEM" device

Year 2019


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